Isaac J Gourdine Middle School.

Md. teacher placed on administrative leave after student discipline


A Prince George’s County teacher has been  placed on administrative leave after being alleged of ordering her students to  walk around the school while holding a rope in one hand and books in the other  as a form of discipline for misbehavior.

Prince George’s County Public Schools says they are “appalled and offended at  what occurred” and the eighth grade teacher at Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School “acted on  her own and had extremely poor judgment.”

PGCPS say they have spoken and apologized to the parents and students  regarding the incident.

The teacher will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of  PGCPS’s investigation.

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Statement from Prince George’s County Public Schools:

 “We are appalled and offended at what occurred. This is not representative  of Prince George’s County Public Schools. This teacher enacted discipline  without any regard to our Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and  without any consultation with administration. We do not condone such  inappropriate discipline and we apologize for this ever occurring. The teacher  acted on her own and had extremely poor judgment. Upon learning of the incident,  we took swift action to remove the teacher from the school and to place her on  administrative leave pending the completion of our investigation. We have spoken  to the parents and students and offered our apologies for this unfortunate  incident.”






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  1. I taught high school 33 years and do not see anything wrong with this. The rope stresses that the class i a unit and our efforts are connected. Most of my students never had their book so I suppose carrying some around for a time might be a reminder.


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