Why a ‘Student Privacy Bill of Rights’ is desperately needed


As schools increasingly use educational technology (“EdTech”) and other cloud-based services, students are tracked, traced, monitored, and scored now more than ever before. While this technology may present some advantages, it also substantially raises the risks to student privacy. Over the past several months, protecting student privacy and safeguarding student data have been hot topics in education policy. Student privacy has continued to garner attention from both Congress and states. Amid the debates on how to best protect student privacy while using advanced technology, one thing remains clear: it’s time for students to regain control of their information. After all, this information has lasting impacts on their futures. It’s time for a student privacy bill of rights. >>> Read more Washington Post


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    • You are welcome dear. We must make all governments accountable. That is what makes democracy beautiful and appealing to others around the world. It’s also important for the future. Many thanks.:)


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