crime down in PG county, However Problems continue…


D’Juan Renay Hunter

The start of the 2014 New Year didn’t begin well for Prince George’s County.

Police dealt with two domestic related homicides. Despite the violence, the county says the long term statistics and trends show a brighter future.

“This county has been able to reduce homicides by nearly 40% in 3 years, ” said Chief Mark Magaw.  Despite these assurances, According to police sources, the first killing of the year occurred sometime before 4:30 a.m. in the 5500 block of Karen Elaine Drive in New Carrollton. Police arrived and found a 26-year-old man suffering from fatal gunshot wounds at an apartment complex.

The second murder was caused by D’Juan Renay Hunter (pictured above) of Shipley Terrace in SE DC who had a confrontation with his mother’s fiance’.  Police officials report that 38 year old Hunter came to visit at the residence of 52 year old Raymond Quattlebaum in the 9100 block of Goldfield Place in Clinton. (See the story here)  While there, Hunter confronted Mr. Quattlebaum, over something (No one knows much of what transpired). During the confrontation, Hunter shot Quattlebaum who was his mother’s boyfriend.  After the shooting, Hunter ran from the scene. He was found and arrested early on January 2nd, 2014  in Bowie. Hunter faces first degree murder and related charges. Not that there is ever a good time for a murder to take place, but this one supplanted the good news about crime in Prince George’s County going down.  It’s like we are the bad joke of the Counties around here.

The two New Year’s Day killings stood in contrast to the county’s year-end tally for 2013. Homicides dropped from 64 recorded in 2012 to 57 last year.

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