Outrageous BOE Featherbedding of $2 million @Sasscer



It appears like the current Board led by verjeana Jacobs has dropped another bomb shell by continuing to act like a Mafia staffing the court in its waning days. (Read more) (More)  This is the blatant abuse of Board power and a continuation of the epicenter. For the last several months, we have been warning about this board’s unethical and unabashed wayward behavior.

The actions of the Verjeana Jacobs led board prove our point that something needs to change urgently.

This same Board of education (BOE) cut media specialist positions and reading recovery positions 2 years ago. They still refuse attempts to provide a full-time art teacher to all schools. They allow an eighth grade Algebra class to have 43 students, and Kindergarten and 1st grade classes with 30 students.Embezzlement~~element61

The BOE members featherbedding of $2 million is a daring move right in the middle of a recession, layoffs and furloughs in the county. These egocentric and selfish actions confirm everything we have been saying in our blogs. They have been taking away from innocent kids while pretending to help them.
The elected school board needs to be dissolved in our view. It is loaded with crooks, schemers and some who are not so educated led by Ms. Jacobs, who is the worst of the bunch and taking advantage of the situation. Admiration to Ms. Donna Hathaway Beck (District 9) for standing firm and Ms. Carletta Fellows, M.A.Ed. (District 7) for keeping away from this unethical practice.

There is No smoke without fire and now this is even a major reason to support Baker: Their so-called $7000 in travels voucher and petty cash needs to be confiscated.  It’s an abuse not only here in PGCPS but has been abused elsewhere.  Let them bring receipts for a refund. Reform Sasscer Movement believes that Ms. Carletta Fellows tribulations was a set up by Ms. Jacobs in order to way lay her in the upcoming expanded BOE.

We are clearly outraged. How in the world does an outgoing board have the audacity to appoint not one but fifteen (15) strategic employees (lobbyists)? What is their motivation? Surely, they are not doing this to decrease the unemployment rate! There is nothing benevolent or philanthropic about this board’s action. The citizens of PG County should rise and demand that these appointments be annulled.

This is not a board game of checkers considering the budget constraints. The least the board could do is act responsibly and return the money.



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  1. They been doing wrong for the longest time n e way as a employee we haven’t seen a raise in years. We can’t go to the union for nothing cause they sided with the folks in the office or high up like the principal folks in the sassor building and they can get away with everything that they doing. They teaches kids not to bully, harassment, ect… but they are the main ones that doing it and getting away with it. Not telling u the school I’m at but I know everybody is not happy there, for a principal that really don’t care about kids and just worry about themself and politics that’s not a teaching environment. And the same way about the sassor building they not worry about the people the doing all the work in these school they are about what going on in there office. The old saying the richer getting richer n the poorer getting poor. Good folks losing jobs cause of either bad management in the system in school or the office. Bad decisions all over but yet they can get away with it while we suffer. If there was a survey sent out about what really going on dealing with the school and office and how they feel about it everything or pop up at some of these building the truth will come out more n more cause I know Im fed up with all of it. And its sad very sad for me and the employee that gotta deal with it. But noboody willing to make a stand without there job being in jeopardy. Like I said everybody that been dealing with this need tl clme to an end. Now…


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  4. The PGC Board of Education sure does meet a lot in “Executive Session” (not open to the public). That must be what ‘transparency’ means to people willing to jeopardize employees’ means of living in order to continue gold watching-giving graft. No one with the clout to address this has the conscience or the moral integrity to hold the people responsible for the corruption accountable…that’s a crying shame.


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