Let your vote Count on November 6, 2012

Finally, the time has come.

On Tuesday November 6th, 2012, US citizens in PG County will officially vote for new Board of Education members and political leaders.  (See our endorsements) Above all, We will re-elect President Barack Obama for another four-year term. The campaign has been issue based. It has been about the issues that the ordinary citizens faces and continuous to face.

It has been a campaign about all of us not just some of us. It has been a campaign about what unites us, not what divide us. It has been a campaign that defines the leadership that Prince George’s County citizens deserve. It has been a campaign that propels Prince George’s County citizens to greater heights. It has been a campaign that strives to create opportunities for everybody. It has been a campaign that plans to create innovation, transformation, change and transparency.

We  have travelled all over this county and from Oxon Hill to Laurel, Seat Pleasant to Forestville,  District Heights to Hyattsville, the indignity of poverty is evident, It is clear that PG Citizens lack basic needs and most schools are in terrible shape. The number of homeless children continues to rise sharply and Prince George’s County Board of Education chairperson refuses to address the issues heads on. The chairperson has chosen to surround herself with corruption while using her husband to do her leg work. The Morally dead situation must come to a stop  on Tuesday November 6 2012  after the election. Voters on that day will retire the current board chairperson promptly with others.

Otherwise, And unless we change our mentality unless we change the manner in which we define leadership and unless we change poor leadership for good leadership, things will remain the same. This election season we must vote out the Board chairperson for engaging in acts of corruption. (Read more Washington post).

The world is changing. We must choose to either maintain the status quo or elect new and fresh leadership that will change the history of our county. Leadership which is not based on corruption is better than one which is based on manipulations as seen in the past three years under the current leadership. It’s time!

Yes we can!

Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County – Maryland.


Below are our endorsed candidates for Prince George’s County Board of Education  2012 Elections.

David Murray -School Board Candidate  District 1

Micah Watson – School Board Candidate  District 4

Raheela AhmedSchool Board Candidate  District 5

Carletta Fellows – School Board Candidate District 7

Edward Burroughs – School Board Candidate District 8


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